Jupiter 8 slider dust felt protector rubber – found the replacement!

Lots of people have been trying to find a replacement for the black felt that was glued to the inside panels on a Jupiter 8 (and other Roland synths of this era). The black felt becomes brittle with age and becomes stiff, and actually crumbles and small pieces often crack off and fall into your synth, especially if it’s lived in a hot place or damp atmosphere and therefore rusted to hell (like my Cora).

The felt is a rubber- like mat substance that the slider stalks protrude through and help to stop dust from dropping through into the slider (it only partially works in reality) and also makes your synth look cleaner as you don’t see the silver slider case or other components on the boards underneath through the gap when using the synth. I’ve seen many posts where people have used a thin grey carpet- like particle felt that is most easily available …like this :

The problem with this stuff is that little particles and strands fall away with use as the slider pole drags through this carpet and fall into the slider …=big trouble shortly down the line. Plus it wears away quickly due to the loss of particles and leaves a wide slider gap again for dust. Basically … it looks okay for a few months (but it’s not ideal because it’s not black either) and it causes more headaches later. Plus it’s REALLY hard to stick down.

I did a lot of research on what this material used by Roland originally was and I’ve found the replacement ! It’s called “Black EVA foam sheet board.” And it’s identical! The original Roland sheet was 1mm thick. (Some make the mistake of thinking it’s 3mm but that is not the case … much too thick !) You can buy an exact 1mm thick sheet that can be cut up and will be enough to replace the old rubber for the whole Jupiter 8 on EBay for under $6US delivered from China, including postage! Incredible!

When it arrived i was blown away, it’s just like the real thing but only new! And less brittle.

So it’s just a matter of cutting it to size and gluing it back into place. Which sounds easy enough but I’m sure there will be a trick to it. I’ll update this post when I get around to gluing this into the panel (it’s at the powder coating workshop as we speak) as the type of glue will be an important factor as well.

Here is a pic of some of the original felt I removed from Cora side-on …right next to the new material so it can be seen it’s the same size and that 1mm thickness is correct ;


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